Stick ‘em up & Black Swan team up!

We are excited to announce that Black Swan will be printing all the posters for the upcoming Stick Em up show at Domy books!

Street artists featured in Stick Em Up! unite in Stuck Up, an edgy poster exhibition on display at Domy Books in Houston, Texas.

Stick Em Up! is a gritty street art documentary directed by local filmmaker Alex Luster that gives you a driver’s seat view of what it’s like to be an illegal street artist.

Domy Books will host this unique art exhibition that showcases artists Give Up, DUAL, Eyesore, Cutthroat, 2:12, Shreddi, Garro, Vote Right, GONZO247, Ack!, Michael C. Rodriguez and GhostTown.

Each artist created their own version of the Stick ‘Em Up! poster. The framed, limited-edition posters will be on exhibit from May 4th to June 14. The posters, hand pulled by the printers of Black Swan Screen Printing Studios, will be available for purchase.

The exhibition’s opening night coincides with the Houston Premiere of Stick ‘Em Up! at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Stick Em Up!

Domy Books

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